Gujranwala Waste Management Company

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General Reports
Bhakhraywali Geo-Technical Investigation
AR 2016
Code of Conduct
Social Survey Gujranwala 2014-12-01
Environment and Social Consideration Survey Report
Incoming Waste Composition Survey Report
Incoming Waste Amount Report
Interim Report Gujranwala ISWM
Interview Survey of Environmental Awareness at Gondlanwala Dumping Site
ISWM Master Plan in Gujranwala - Volume 01
ISWM Master Plan in Gujranwala - Vlolume 02
Landfill Waste Bulk Density Survey
Progress Report Gujranwala 2014-12-04
Time and Motion Survey
Waste Amount and Composition Survey Report
Waster Quality Analysis Report
Waste Picker Survey Report
General Cleanliness Brochure
General Cleanliness Brochure No 2
Annual Financial Statement/ Audited Accounts
Year 2013-2014
Year 2014-2015
Year 2015-2016
Year 2016-2017
Year 2017-2018
Year 2018-2019
Year 2019-2020