Gujranwala Waste Management Company

Company Profile

In order to provide sustainable, efficient and improved waste management system and services for the city of Gujranwala, Government of Punjab in collaboration with the CDGG, intended to establish a company formed not for profit as a private sector with the name and style of GWMC, under section 42 of the Company Ordinance1984. Which will plan, manage, implement and enforce various programs and projects for improvement of existing SWM system of Gujranwala City. MD is on board since 7th January 2014. On 29th January 2014 SAAMA agreement (Services and Asset Management Agreement) has been signed between City District Government Gujranwala and Gujranwala Waste Management Company.

According to SAAMA agreement net transportation vehicles, sanitary workers and professional staff related to Solid Waste Management department has been entrusted to GWMC. The GWMC is governed by a Board of Directors (BODs), headed by a chairman. The company will act as a private sector limb of the City District Government Gujranwala in the provisions of public benefits and social services.

GWMC aims to develop an integrated solid waste management system to ensure efficient collection, transportation, recovery, treatment and disposal of the waste generated in Gujranwala. In order to enhance efficiency of GWMC, professional personnel of different disciplines have been recruited in the company. GWMC is currently working on “Integrated Solid Waste Management Master Plan in Gujranwala” as a joint venture of GWMC, Urban Unit Lahore (UU) and JICA(Japan International Corporation Agency), providing strategic plan for efficient integrated waste management system in Gujranwala City till 2030