Gujranwala Waste Management Company

CEO Message

It is basic and intrinsic right of citizens of any city to have clean and green environment not only for themselves but also for future generation. Keeping in view this basic necessity of general public of Gujranwala, Chief Minister of Punjab intended to replicate the successful interventions of LWMC in Gujranwala. GWMC was established on the Motto "Returning the environment back to the people of Gujranwala".

It is a very broad vision, having core objective to turn Gujranwala into cleanest city of Pakistan. When GWMC took charge, collection efficiency was only 27%, to increase that efficiency collection system was divided into primary and secondary phases. We increased the collection efficiency up to 70% by only re-organizing same facilities as provided by CDGG through SAAMA agreement. We are seeking new ways to improve collection efficiency up to 95% and people of Gujranwala will witness a clear difference in environment of the city. We are committed to implement new technologies to remain at forefront of environmentally responsible waste management. In near future we are planning to launch new cleanliness services like door to door collection, abundant placement of closed containers, compactor trucks and android based monitoring system. The purpose of GWMC is not only collection of waste but also scientific disposal of waste at a controlled dumping site. For this purpose we have acquired 16.8 acres of land at Gondlawala.

After Geo technical survey and detailed EIA, 64 acres proposed site of Bhakraywala has been approved for construction as sanitary landfill. By grace of Allah out of 800 abandoned plots full of heaps of waste from several years, we have cleaned major areas like railway tracks. , Nigar Phatak, Garjakh Chapaar and Mominabad removing at least 71000 tons of waste by renting extra machinery. We are planning to cover peri-urbanareas of Gujranwala and aiming to achieve all our targets to ensure sustainable future for Gujranwala city.

We are aiming to bring positive attitude in citizens of Gujranwala to avoid littering on streets and roads, disposing waste as responsible citizens only as prescribed manner we are very active on communication measures, leading to raise awareness regarding waste handling and disposal using electronic and social media. This all has been achieved through hard and professional work of the entire GWMC team, committed and dedicated to the cause of "Returning the environment back to the people of Gujranwala". We are taking successful steps to make GWMC a highly environmental conscious company and an organization with whom people can take in associating with.